About Shawna Fitz

Since 2015


After growing up a hopeless product of society, I beat severe depression alone. I overcame my reckless habits alone. I peacefully walked away from an exhausting eight-year relationship alone. I went from a being a waitress in my home-town my whole life to moving cross-country and managing multi-million-dollar thriving companies, while developing and coaching well over fifty employees. Speaking of the number fifty, I lost “50” pounds and figured out how to keep it off. To top that off, I  transformed a life time of deep-rooted fears and beliefs that I will never suffer from again. How did I do this??  

I uncovered the love inside of me and the game changed.

I now experience my life through the perspective of love. Every day it is my goal to expand this beautiful loving energy through me to others, no matter the trial. Naturally the more love you feel inside, the more love others around you feel and then the others around them feel that same love too! The energy of love causes loving thoughts which causes loving actions which then ripples around to every one. It's Law.

This is how we transform our world through energy. We were put on this planet to thrive, to expand our consciousness to learn and grow. We thrive through love, we thrive through the beautiful energy that is inside of all us because we were created by this love. We are the co-creators and transformers of our lives, we all decide the feelings of our experience. We all deserve to shift our perspective to experience life through love and peace. 


This is why I created Shawna Fitz LLC


I want to help as many people as possible do exactly what I did, using exactly what I use. I have created new-level thinking techniques, formulas and games that I use everyday to strengthen my energy to help others. Through writing, workshops and one-on-one coaching I explain and teach these concepts to help others expand their awareness that will ultimately lead them to a peaceful life created by love.

Thank you for reading.  

I love you.   -Shawna Fitz